Pro Tips for a Breezy Dispensary Visit

Regardless of your experience level, everyone should be aware of the proper etiquette and best practices for visiting a cannabis dispensary. These tips can save you time and set you up for success on your next visit:

Plan ahead. Check online or call the store if you are looking for a specific product or a special offer. Products move very quickly and availability can vary from day to day. Of course, always come prepared with a valid ID, patient card, and payment (cash or debit). Every dispensary in the country requires ID upon entry, even if you’ve been many times before.

Know the rules. Cannabis dispensaries operate under a strict set of guidelines, and those guidelines extend to the customer too. Taking photos and videos inside the store is not allowed. Openly discussing illicit activity or circumventing legal guidelines is prohibited, and you might be asked to leave. If you’re not sure of something, ask your budtender – but be respectful and conscientious.

Keep a record. Each strain of cannabis has its own unique chemical profile, and each patient can experience their effects differently. As you continue to try new products, keep track of what you used and what results you noticed. Take notes on terpene profiles and THC/CBD content; this will inform and improve your cannabis over time, and help you narrow down the best products for you.

Become a regular. Dispensaries keep a record of your purchase history, but that’s impossible to track if you frequent multiple locations. Establishing a relationship with one dispensary will save you time and energy. This also helps the shop contact you for support services, such as notifying you when your medical card is about to expire.

Order online. Once you set up your customer profile, you can order ahead, skip the lines and pick up your purchases quickly and easily. As an essential business, Storehouse offers curbside concierge services and minimal contact pick-ups.

Visiting a dispensary can be time-consuming and confusing – but it doesn’t have to be. No matter your level of experience, when you stop by Storehouse, we want you to feel at home. Whether you are a first-time patient or experienced cannabis user, we are determined to make your journey to wellness and relief the best it can be.