Storehouse Picks: Virtual Concerts & Shows this August

Storehouse Picks: Virtual Concerts & Shows this August

Enjoy a heady musical experience at home

Music and marijuana have gone together since the dawn of time. Whether its jazz, hip-hop, psych rock or bluegrass, any cannabis aficionado will tell you that few things pair as well as your favorite album and your favorite strain. Why is that? Some experts point to the way

cannabinoids stimulate neural changes in the brain’s sensory regions. Other experts point to the social and spiritual aspects of consuming “the sacred herb” with music. Many people fondly recall their first joint at a concert or music festival, which is a little bittersweet now that the summer roster has been postponed… But not to worry!

As die-hard music fans, we’ve been gathering intel on some of the summer’s best virtual concerts you can attend from the comfort of your own home. The purist in you might be skeptical at first, but virtual concerts are growing in popularity for good reason. With an unlimited audience size, high-def production and futuristic tech (see Travis Scott’s game-changing Fortnite concert ), an intimate live show can become a global phenomenon overnight.

There are plus sides to virtual concerts, too. You won’t have to wait in a long line to grab a beer or go to the restroom. You’ll always have the best seat in the house – your house! Most crucially, you can light up freely and experience a heightened appreciation of music without getting chased out by a zealous security guard.

We picked a few of our favorite virtual events to share below with the Storehouse community. Whether your vibe is Lollapalooza or Lillith Fair, you can enjoy a great show with music fans around the world. Tune in, turn on, and check out these awesome virtual concerts happening next month:


Jerry Day at Home 2020:

An annual cultural event that celebrates one of the greatest rock guitarists of all time! Happening August 2nd at 3pm PST.

Free concerts air every Tuesday on, with donations going to Doctors Without Borders and The Waterwheel Foundation.

Marc Rebillet:

This DJ/producer is a force of nature whose weekly live sets have blown up during quarantine. If you haven’t heard of him, you’re welcome!

Stone Temple Pilots:

Getting together to perform their iconic debut album Core in its entirety on July 31 at 8pm ET

Neil Young:

has been live streaming shows from his living room and airing deep cuts and vintage sets on the Neil Young Archives site, which is well-organized and fun to explore.

Bjork with Choir and Organ:

Livestreamed Concert: What has the eclectic Icelander been up to during quarantine? Likely something weird and magical – tune in on August 9th.

84th Annual Stern Grove Music Fest:

Performances by George Clinton, The Doobie Brothers and Pink Martini will air every Sunday through August 14th for this long running San Francisco festival.